Creating human talent and companies
that provide real value
to the digital information society.

About us

At this current point of time in 2014, software and the internet continue to change the world, but many things that can be accomplished through digital technology have yet to be realized in society.

This can be interpreted as a comprise of Japan, a country that possesses a bell-shaped population makeup (=many senior citizens), but we believe that this issue is related to a lack of human talent that can create value for existing industries through a thorough understanding of digital technologies.

PKSHA is currently comprised of 20 software engineers (including part-time employees). We continue to expand our operations so as to create value for a digital information society through cooperative efforts with a large number of major corporations.


PKSHA Technology Inc.

We develop system solutions focused around a core of analytical technologies. In terms of the domain of our operations, we specialize in CRM (customer relationship management) using mobile and tablet devices. Our core technologies are anayltical technologies focused around statistical analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing. We are comprised mainly of Ph. D.'s in information systems engineering from the University of Tokyo, and we aspire to become Japan's number 1 most powerful company in analytical technologies.


Matsuo Lab., Tokyo University

Our work is conducted in cooperation with research activities in the artificial intelligence field.

Our activities are focused within the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence and the Information Processing Society of Japan.

The founding members of PKSHA Technology are comprised of Ph. D. members of the Matsuo Lab.


Katsuya Uenoyama (PhD in Engineering)

#204 Entrepreneur Plaza, Tokyo University
7-3-1 Hongo
, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan